Party Hair For This Party Season

This party season give yourself a sexy party ‘do’ in under 5 minutes!

Glossy Waves

51A*When you get out of the shower, rather than using a towel to dry your hair, use paper towels to blot moisture out of your hair. Nubby towels and vigorous rubbing creates a lot of friction which leads to frizzy ends.

*Spray a light texturizer all over your hair and start blow-drying while keeping the nozzle pointed downward and scrunching sections to create waves.

*High heat will loosen the wave, so keep your blow-dryer on a medium setting. If your hair is super curly, instead of blow-drying, create four big sections, braid them, then let air-dry.

*Once dry, warm up a shine serum between your palms, then smooth your hands over your hair and finger style into place.