MoroccanoilLoved by celebrities, models, stylists and millions – MOROCCANOIL is a must!

This unique ingenious little solution to every hair problem is definitely the best seller at our Liverpool hairdressers. Voodou’s trainee of the Year 2010 – Lacey Anderson, tells us why she loves it so much.

“It’s brilliant. Like a miracle in a bottle. It’s Argan oil which is full of antioxidants. It protects against sun damage as it’s got UV protection in it. Even though it’s oil, it’s ultra light and is instantly absorbed into the hair. It cuts drying time, is full of vitamins and nutrients to strengthen the hair and leaves a brilliant silky shiny finish without build up, greasiness or residue. It conditions the hair long term so the more you use it – the better your hair looks! It’s definitely our best seller!’

How do you use it?

“Shampoo and condition your hair as normal. Then towel dry. Apply about a £2 coin sized amount of oil from the mid section through to the tips. Leave to dry naturally or blow dry and style. It really cuts down the drying time because it instantly absorbs into the hair follicle.”

What hair type does it work best for?

“All hair types! It smoothes frizzy hair, moisturises dry ends, detangles, shines, strengthens weak roots and hair. Honestly, it’s amazing.”


The original Moroccanoil treatment oil for all hair types is available at all Voodou hair salons in Liverpool and retails at £29.99 for 100ml.

(Moroccanoil pictured with Lacey is the 30ml trial size bottle)

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