Product of the week with Gavin Dixon (Voodou for Him): American Crew Boost Powder

Product of the week with Gavin Dixon (Voodou for Him): American Crew Boost Powder

“There’s no other product like this in the world that I know of!”  Voodou for Him’s Director, Gavin Dixon informs us.  “It makes hair do what it naturally can’t.”

Read the box and it states that this is an ‘Anti Gravity Volume Powder with Matte Finish’ but what does that mean exactly?  Luckily Gavin is on hand to dish out his expert opinion; “It means that you can create Jedward style height (if you wanted to!) without using a heavy product.  The American Crew Boost Powder is light.  It’s not greasy, thick or heavy and the overall look is a very natural finish.”

The official blurb says that American Crew’s Boost Powder is for fine, thinning hair and even though it does an outstanding job at thickening fine hair, Gavin assures us that this is a brilliant must-have product for all hair types.




Director of Voodou For Him, Gavin Dixon with the Boost Powder by American Crew




So what does your average bloke do with it then?  How does he apply it to achieve his desired look?  “Tap the pot a few times to loosen Boost Powder and then pour a small amount into your hand.  Sprinkle it lightly and evenly onto dry hair, making sure that the powder falls to the root for maximum lift and separation.  If you need more volume then combine with American Crew’s Boost Cream.”

Voila!  Instant volume with a natural finish.  American Crew Boost Powder retails at £13.45 for a 10g pot and can be purchased from Voodou for Him, Bold Street.  Call 0845 445 7889 to book your next hair appointment at Voodou and try American Crew Boost Powder for yourself.



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