Voodou Interviewed by Local Production Company Bay TV For 4-Part Documentary, ‘Scouse & Proud’

This week at Voodou Liverpool, we have been working with the good guys down at Bay TV for a 4-part documentary on what it means to be ‘Scouse and Proud’. Now before you start thinking down the lines of Desperate Scousewives…let me stop you there.

This documentary is celebrating the last 40 years of Liverpool and not embarrassing it. I was interviewed for the 4 part series and I spoke about my beloved Bold street.  I started working on Bold street in 1999. The change in bold street has been a roller coaster in my eyes. I remember telling my Nan I had a job on bold street, and she told me in her day Bold Street was the most equal street in Liverpool, if you shopped on bold street you had money.

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Scouse & Proud: Bay TV interviewing some of the Voodou Team for their next 4-part documentary.

When I started my career on bold street, it was a hustle and bustle. Large High Street names like Karen Millen to pride place at the “bottom of Bold street” the fist of the cool bars like Buro and Bottom Draw where the draw in the ‘in crowds’. In 2003, it was announced Liverpool had won capital of Culture, a very proud moment for such an incredible vibrant city that is at times considered poor and crime ridden.

This was the start of incredible investment to regenerate a city busting at the seams with history, beauty and pride.
Liverpool one opened on 2008 Designer brands, mega stores, hotels and cool architecture was now the backdrop of our city and our residents like Warehouse, Disney Store, Waterstone’s, Karen Millen followed suit, Bold street would become a ghost town.

It was heartbreaking to see the likes of Bold Street and Clayton Square become deserted, they looked tired worn next to Liverpool One. Shops emptied out and ‘To Let’ signs sadly hung of buildings and then it happened…in came the ‘Independents’! Naturally it was now Cheaper to rent a building on Bold Street. The creative’s took up residence in and around the area of Bold street. Bold St is housed by cool, slick, independently owned coffee shops, bars and boutiques.

This area of town is electric; it’s the best place to live, eat and network. You see when somebody does well in Liverpool it is always supported by the masses – we all love the underdog. Because let’s face it Liverpool was for many years the underdog, never quite getting that recognition it deserves. The eateries on Bold street could give any chain of restaurants a run for their money. The iconic Voodou stands tall and proud amongst these young businesses.

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Pictured above: Bold Street, Liverpool in all its glory.

Once a new business on one of the most recognisable streets of Liverpool, Rob Webb is a role model to young entrepreneur like myself. You can bet your bottom dollar that you will get the support and community spirit from the magical Voodou.

This is just a snippet of what’s ahead for Scouse and Proud this Summer on bay TV.