Sebastian Professionals New Collection

Shine Kick

The images from Sebastian’s Shine Kick collection were taken at the Kerin Rose photoshoot in New York this year, and we LOVE them! The new collection is described by Sebastian as; hair-in-motion, fluid, weightless touchable and natural.

Sebastian, who’s products are adored by Voodou’s stylists, describes their story here:

back in the year 1970.
california’s dreaming.
hippie turns hip
before glamour digs its disco heels.

then hair really flips out.

geri cusenza, salon-starlet,
starts making waves
in her own sizzling fashion.
turning an amped-up invention
into a mane event:
the crimping iron.

electrifying the scene,
she and husband john
continue to spark a cult-following.

known to have blown the lid off creativity
for three-plus decades,
fearless styling
isn’t a limp statement.

but a style uniquely, fiercely, feverishly

If you’re inspired by any of these images and what to try out a new look, call our Liverpool hair salon on 0151 708 4017 to speak to one of our stylists.