The Big Beard Shave Off

The Big Beard Shave OffThere’s lots of different weird and wacky ways that people raise money for charity. Voodou is no stranger to these downright dangerous and daft feats. Today was no exception. Voodou Bold Street welcomed 22yr old Danni Mather from Runcorn and his wizard like long beard – a beard that had taken him ten long months to grow! He wasn’t growing it to look like an auburn Father Christmas or the long lost brother of Swampy, nope, Danni grew the facial foliage in an effort to raise awareness of his favourite charity CALM (The Campaign Against Living Miserably)

The Big Beard Shave OffCALM is a charity that Voodou has supported for many years. Established in Merseyside in 2000 and a national charity since 2006, CALM aims to engage and interact with vulnerable men aged 15-35. Suicide accounts for the deaths of more young men, aged 15-35, than any other single cause. Shockingly, more men currently die from their own hands than die in road accidents, from drug abuse or AIDs and CALM works to change that. The campaign has seen an amazing 55% reduction in the number of incidents of suicide on Merseyside.

The Big Beard Shave OffDanni discovered CALM when he was studying at The University of Liverpool;

“I struggled with depression as a teen and by the time I finished University things got pretty bad. I wasn’t in a good place at all! When I was at Uni I saw CALM promoting at my student union and I had a chat with them. I realised that I could offload with someone who got it; they understood how I was feeling and how difficult it was to talk about it.”

“It was then I realised I didn’t have to deal with this on my own, that lots of lads find it hard to deal with stuff going on in their life at times. CALM was there for me when I needed it and I want to do something so that other lads, just like me, know where to turn.”

The Big Beard Shave OffAnd do something he did! 10 long months sporting enough hair on his face to give Wayne Rooney a comb-over came to a dramatic and somewhat sad end today! To get the smoothest shave possible, Danni was treated to a Voodou for Him ultimate precision wet shave by Mike Worsley. This super smoothing shave treatment uses Voodou’s own shaving cream, hot towels, safety razors and is finished with an open blade razor.

Rob Webb (Managing Director of Voodou), said:

“We are delighted that we have been able to help Danni in his fundraising bid and it’s fair to say that this is the longest beard we have ever been asked to shave off in the history of Voodou! CALM is such an important charity and we have continued to support it since it was established on Merseyside. The advice and contact it provides to young men is invaluable and anything that helps it to gain more awareness is definitely a positive thing.”

The Big Beard Shave OffIf you, or someone you know could use the help and support of CALM then please point them in the direction of the CALM website or alternatively talk confidentially and anonymously to a trained worker on the CALM helpline 0800 58 58 58

You can also sponsor Danni through his just giving page at

For more information on the precision wet shave call Voodou on 0151 708 4017