The Gents’ Fade Cut Hair Trend


The popular fade haircut is a hot gents’ hairstyling look and can be adapted to achieve a variety of looks, including low fade, mid fade and high faded gents’ hairstyle.  For each style of fade your talented hair stylist at Voodou will expertly use clippers to go from a very short hair length or even bald skin, and graduate up to a longer length towards the top of the head.

So, if you are looking for the best barbering and male hair cutting services in Liverpool & Tuebrook then at Voodou we have you covered.

The Low Fade Cut Hair Trend for Men 

This trendy low faded gents’ hair cut starts with a low short fade and gradually starts to blend into more length around the temples. This achieves a cool, slick look that is bang on trend. 

Our expert barbering team in our Liverpool hair salons suggest wearing your faded haircut styled slicked back for a polished and groomed men’s look or leave your hair to dry naturally to create a textured, messier men’s hair look.

The Mid Fade Cut Hair Trend for Men at top Liverpool & Tuebrook Hair Salons

The mid fade hair trend for men starts typically above the ears, making it distinctive and creating definition. This blends perfectly into a textured medium length of hair. Wear it with a deep parting and combover for a top trending men’s fade hair cut.

If you are looking for a contemporary men’s hairstyle that works well with a beard or facial hair, then the mid fade is perfect for you.

The Skin Fade Hair Cut Trend for Men 

For a dramatic, adventurous faded men’s haircut ask your stylist to create an obvious contrast between lengths and achieve an on trend skin fade hairstyle. This strong, bold hairstyle for men is low maintenance and looks great worn with a streak of hair colour through the length on top.

Why not enhance your hair cut and achieve an edgier look by adding a flash of hair colour to your men’s hairstyle? At Voodou hair salons in Liverpool and Tuebrook our talented hair colourists will recommend the perfect hair colour for you. 

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