The Only Way is Voodou for Chloe Sims

“I want BIG liverpool hair!!! Any hair dressers wanna sort my barnet out lol? Xxx” flashed up on the @VoodouLiverpool Twitter feed this lunchtime.  It was posted by Chloe Sims, former Playboy model and one of the stars of the BAFTA award winning reality show ‘The Only Way is Essex’ or TOWIE as it’s known on Twitter.

The Only Way is Voodou for Chloe Sims
Chloe Sims arrives at Voodou

Two hours later and we’re giving Chloe the warm Liverpool Voodou welcome as she arrives with her friends Ellie and Francesca (fellow TOWIE star Joey Essex’s sister).  “Frankie said this was the best salon in Liverpool so we thought we had to come here!”  explains Chloe as she takes off her oversized shades and flashes the biggest of smiles.  Air kisses, hand shakes and welcomes out the way the girls are armed with pink bubbles whilst Voodou Directors Kerry and Jack are analysing hair cuticles, cuts and colour and preparing the girls for their Voodou signature Blo 2 Go treatment.

The Only Way is Voodou for Chloe Sims
The only way is Voodou for Chloe!

Chloe’s tall, incredibly tall, and is absolutely tiny.  Smiling, stunning and funny she was a delight to talk to.  In Liverpool for two club personal appearances, she wanted to look her best so her first stop upon arriving in the City was styling that very long, dark mane of hers.  Her first impressions of Liverpool “Well, I’ve literally just stepped out of the car and into the salon but in here, it’s buzzing!  I like it!  Frankie said this was the best place to get Big Liverpool hair.” So is there a difference between big Liverpool hair and big Essex hair?  “Yeah, nowhere does hair as big as Liverpool!” exclaims Chloe.  Nobody does Liverpool hair as big as our Jack and Kerry either.  “I’m going for Dynasty big” says Kerry.  “You aint gonna fit through the door!” laughs Jack as he welcomes the girls back from having their hair washed, treated and scalps massaged by Megan and Ashley.

The Only Way is Voodou for Chloe Sims
"It's gonna be THIS big!" says Kerry

Wella’s System Professional Volumise and Repair range with a Hydrate infusion conditioning treatment is used on the girls as this penetrates deep inside the hair cuticle and puts moisture into the hair and extensions.  Due to the sheer volume of the extensions and in Chloe’s case, the length, Ashley uses Tigi’s S factor Papaya leave in moisture spray.  “It really helps to detangle the hair” Ashley tells us.

Tigi’s Catwalk Root Boost is a must for this style, to help achieve that all important volume that’s needed to achieve the biggest hair possible.  Morroccanoil is used to smooth the damp hair whilst Tigi’s Queen For A Day thickening spray is also an essential ingredient for this volumising cocktail.

Whilst Kerry gets hard at work blow drying and smoothing Chloe’s hair, we get to gossip with her over the bubbles.  “It’s like a big treat for me this, coming into a salon.” Says Chloe.  “I’ve had the same hairdresser for the last 11 years who comes to me so to actually come out and get my hair done, it’s exciting.”  Her loyalty to her hairdresser is very commendable and with our upcoming competition to find Liverpool’s Top Stylist on June 20th, we ask Chloe what qualities are important in a top stylist; “They’ve got to know their stuff.  They’ve got to know you and get to know what you like and what you’re like.  Always be available, professional, an expert.  That’s what you need”.

Next we’re onto hair disasters.  Chloe was, up until 3 years ago, platinum blonde.  This look was time consuming, expensive and difficult to upkeep.

The Only Way is Voodou for Chloe Sims
Chloe Sims in 2005 as a blonde

“I also felt very provocative being so blonde.  I was so skinny back then, skinner than I am now”  (We audibly gasp at this comment, there is literally nothing of this girl.)  “I had these massive boobs, white blonde graduated bob which I had to maintain with hair extensions and I dunno, I just felt like I looked like some kind of Russian porn star!  I thought I’d get treated better by men if I went dark.”  It’s a shame that hair colour can mean girls are stereotyped and we’re dying to know if it worked for Chloe on the man front “Nah!  Not at all!  They’re still the same!” sighs Chloe.  “And when I decided to go dark, I stupidly did it myself out a bottle so it was all patchy and just a mess.”  It’s of course, NEVER a good idea to try something so drastic yourself.  (Always seek professional advice from your Voodou stylist!).

By this time both Kerry and Ashley are using the wand to curl Chloe’s impossibly long tresses.  “I’ve normally well got arm ache by now!” Chloe giggles.

The Only Way is Voodou for Chloe Sims
"I've normally well got arm ache by now!"

She’s got a full head of hair extensions and admits to having a bit of an addiction to them.  “I drive my hairdresser crazy, I’m always saying it’s not thick enough and I need more hair, just need more hair!”.  It’s amazing that Chloe has time to do her hair so well, filming each 45 minute episode of TOWIE takes hours, sometimes days and the cast don’t get to see the finished episodes until they’re aired on TV.  “You need to be watching it otherwise your Twitter’s going mad and you’ve no idea what’s going on!  I’m a massive fan, I love sitting down to watch it.  I just have to turn away and cringe when I come on!”.

As Jack is spraying what seems like the full contents of a can of Tigi’s Catwalk ‘Your Highness’ shine spray onto Francesca’s elevated ‘do it’s time to put the finishing touches to Chloe’s Liverpool look.  “I’ve seen loads of the girls pin the sides up and have it high at the top” she says.  Kerry is happy to oblige.  With a waft of hairspray Chloe is inspecting Kerry’s masterpiece in the mirror and she likes what she sees.  “Awwww, thank you so much!  It’s brilliant!”.  So with the last of the pink bubbles gone, more air kisses, posed photos and handshakes, Chloe is off to seek out dresses for tonight before heading to Concert Square’s Ruby Sky venue.

The verdict?  She looks REEM… if we do say so ourselves.

The Only Way is Voodou for Chloe Sims
The Only Way is Voodou for 'Big Hair'

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