The return of the Male Perm!

Feeling Curly?! Embrace the Return of the Perm this Season at Voodou, Liverpool


9“The perm” is a classic, iconic hairstyle that is almost always equated with the 80′s. In fact, the sheer mention of the word will more than likely conjure up an image of Kevin Keegin’s curly barnet. The perms legacy was somewhat pushed aside, though towards the end of the decade…making way for the flatter, slicker hairstyles in the early 90′s.


Or so we thought!

There was a time when you could bet your life on it that the perm would never see the light of day again, but by taking just one look at the men’s catwalks this season – it’s clear we were wrong. Surprisingly, the perm is experiencing somewhat of a renaissance.The perm hairstyle for men is incredibly stylish when applied correctly by trained professionals, and can be worn lots of different ways for both long and short hair. The perm also compliments any face shape and suits any hair colour or texture – what’s not to love?


Maintaining a perm is also very simple, which means no more blow drying, shaping and styling in front of the mirror for the perfect quiff. Just wash, spray and go!