Nioxin for fine & thinning hair. A review…

My Nioxin Journey – Fiona McDonald

I’ve always had fine hair but years of highlights and 3 kids have taken their toll to the point where, I hate to admit it but, my hair is positively thinning. So, when I overheard my stylist at Voodou discussing the merits of Nioxin with another stylist I decided to find out more. Normally I would shy away from any so-called miracle beauty treatments, as I’ve never believed any of them really work, but my sorry locks were in desperate need of something so I decided to take the plunge

Voodou charge £20 for the initial treatment – not bad I thought considering what you might spend on the latest ‘must-have’ anti-wrinkle cream!  My stylist Vicky explained to me in beautiful technical terms what she was about to do, including words like ‘micro-dermabrasion’, but I translated it as basically a ‘facial for your scalp’. A very cold solution gets applied to your scalp and then you get a lovely head massage followed by the application of the Nioxin Shampoo and the Nioxin Conditioner. Finally they apply the Nioxin Mousse and then blow dry your hair.

As well as the initial treatment you are encouraged to buy the Nioxin products to continue to use at home. I bought the pack for £27.99 which includes shampoo, conditioner and booster mousse. So the question is, how did I find it and does it really work?


I left the Voodou salon as ever feeling great. My hair did feel somehow cleaner, thicker, bouncier but was that just my imagination? Possibly. What was different was that 3 days later when my hair would normally revert back to its usual limp self, it did somehow feel fuller.


Hmmm – after initially feeling positive, I start to wonder what is happening. The next 2 weeks see a rather worrying loss of hair. Don’t get me wrong it’s not great clumps coming out but enough when I’m washing my hair to make me think can my thinning barnet really afford to lose any more? A quick conversation with my Voodou stylist Vicky though puts my mind at rest – the Nioxin treatment is all about getting rid of the rubbish from my scalp to make way for new healthy growth.


Now I do really start to see a difference. When I look in the mirror I can actually see new hair growing and my hair feels stronger. The odd person has asked me if I have had my hair done so it must look a little different. I haven’t suddenly developed a beautiful mane of Cheryl Cole style hair but there’s a definite improvement.


Back in the Voodou Bold Street salon for another Nioxin booster treatment – it’s nice just being pampered but even better when I can see that my hair looks much stronger and fuller than before. I leave the salon armed with more supplies of Nioxin shampoo, conditioner and mousse. I know I will never win any awards for my hair but I have added Nioxin to my list of ‘beauty essentials’ alongside the likes of mascara and tweezers, those things that you know you just can’t do without!

Nioxin for fine & thinning hair - a review



nioxin after pic

nioxin after pic

Nioxin for fine & thinning hair - a review

Nioxin is available at Voodou salons.  Call 0151 708 4017 to book your initial Nioxin consultation.