Twisted Fairytale – Voodou Training Competition

Voodou Training Academy’s annual competition highlights the creativity and passion of our students by showcasing their work with a unique themed event each year. Enjoyed by hairdressers, barbers and spectators alike, 2012’s Twisted Circus event at Cream was a huge success, and set the bar high for future endeavours.

 This year brought a Twisted Fairytale to the event, and the level of dedication, artistry and talent was no exception to the high standards of previous years. On Monday, July 15th  over 80 of the students from Stanley Street’s Training Academy culminated their efforts of the last few months with displays of the weird, the warped and the wonderful.


Over 200 people were in attendance to recognise the hard work put in by all involved, and to raise money for local children’s charity – KIND. KIND believe that ‘every child deserves equal opportunities in life, allowing them to reach their full potential, no matter their background’.

People say a little friendly competition never hurt anybody – and that was definitely true here. Our students really went all out – bringing to life twisted versions of fairytale favourites in true style. Ranging from the Ice Queen to the centaur Mr Tumnus from the film Narnia; we really had it covered. 


With prizes and awards to be won in each category, tensions were high for our barbers and hairdressers, but we were delighted with the outcome as everyone stepped up their game for the occasion. All of the ends results looked amazing and our trainees did amazing!

Winners on the night were: 

1st Year Hairdressing
1st place – Frankie Alfonso
2nd place – Ashley
3rd place – Tawny Wright


1st Year Barbers
1st place – Jack Proctor
2nd place – Danny Hodson
3rd place – Arran Tynan


2nd Year Hairdressing
1st place – Alex Taggart

Button Streets own came first with his amazing model!

Button Streets own came first with his amazing model!2nd Year Barbers
1st place – Suzy Lunn
2nd place – David Jones
3rd place – Chloe Jeffries

3rd Year Hairdressing

1st place – Richard McMillan

Richard Mcmillan came first with his unusual Little Red Riding Hood complete with wolf!
Richard Mcmillan came first with his unusual Little Red Riding Hood complete with wolf!

3rd Year Barbers
1st place – Ian Holt
2nd place – Ben Fessey
3rd place – Carol Rose Clarke

 The competition as always took a lot of careful planning and preparation, and the effort did not go un-noticed. Steph Potter, Voodou Training Academy’s manager had only praise of all of the students:

“The standard of the work exceeded expectations and it just gets better and better every year. From the talent in the hairdressing and barbering, to the artistry of what was produced, I am very proud of all who attended – and they should be very proud of themselves!  It’s obviously really going to help their careers in the future.”

You can see all of the action in this amazing video:


Voodou would like to thank everybody who worked so hard to make this event a success – the students (of course!), but not forgetting their trainers and the staff at the Academy, Mel, Holly, Steph and Sam. We also want to extend a huge thank you to the Compare on the night, Gemma Ray, and the DJ Mark Armstrong. Our judges were fantastic, so a special thanks goes out to them – Marie Furlong, Louise Smith, Matt and Christian from Christian Wiles hairdressing  , Kerry and Janine from Evo, and Nick. Finally, we would like to thank all of the staff at Total People, and Stephen Yipp of the Kind charity, whose wonderful work we are honored to have supported.

Think this seems like something you’d like to get involved with? Voodou Training helps a variety of people begin a career in hairdressing and barbering as well as providing qualified hairdressers and barbers develop their skills. To find out about our FREE courses give us a call today on 0151 258 1428 or check out