Voodou 4 Him looks at American Crew’s Defining Paste

It’s been a good few weeks since I spoke to you last so there’s loads to tell! Firstly, the front of Voodou For Him on Bold St. has now been completed which means the door is now in the middle of the shop front and the signage is orange, so please don’t get us confused with the other Voodou salon on Bold St., and please don’t try and walk through where the old door was! (I’m told glass panes can leave quite a bump).

American Crews Defining Paste Voodou Liverpool

 The Team

Gaz’s band, The Verdict, is playing another gig in the Zanzibar on Saturday (13th Oct) so if you’re out and about in town, get yourself there to see it. Tickets are only £5 and they’re not on till 10pm so there’s plenty of time for a few warm up drinks.

Voodou’s MD Robb Webb has gotten used to picking up awards for Voodou in recent weeks for our fabulous online operation. But he’s now preparing himself for the possibility for his own award. Rob has been nominated for the Inspirational Person Award at this year’s Seen awards. We’ll be there to cheer him on next Friday when the results are announced, so keep your fingers crossed!

As a final note on the team, I just want to say a massive congratulations to our Graduate Jess! Since qualifying, Jess has been running her column just 3 days a week to get used to the jump from apprentice to stylist. However, we’ve had such great feedback from our clients about her, as of next week, she goes full time.

Product Knowledge

American Crews Defining Paste Voodou Liverpool

Every week I like to talk to you about some of our products  and how best to use them at home. I’ve covered hairsprays, texture sprays and styling powders already, so today I think it’s about time to talk about a finishing wax.

American Crew is the ONLY hair care range that is exclusively designed for men’s hair, and it definitely shows! Defining paste by American Crew is a fantastically versatile product which combines texture definition with a dry finish and a surprisingly (considering it’s so lightweight) strong hold!

The mistake a lot of people make is thinking they need to go for the wax or paste that has the maximum hold and then use half a tub of it. These are the same people who always complain about their hair looking greasy! The key is to use a range of products, i.e. a base product to blow dry with and a finishing spray for extra hold. This will allow you to use a lighter styling wax and only use a small amount in order to achieve the desired affect without the grease!

Defining paste, because it’s so light, is great for short or long hair, and it should be lasting you about 3 months with ease. To add to the good news it’s on offer in our barbers on Bold st at the minute, with 2 pots for £20 (normally £13.45 each) and you’ll also get a free daily shampoo included too! So put down the VO5, step away from the mirror, pick up the phone, and make an appointment to come and see the team at Voodou, so we can get you looking great for the weekend. Call 0151 708 4017 to book today!