Voodou Hear The Sound of Music

Voodou Hear The Sound of Music

Our competition winner Charlotte Pinketh gives her verdict to The Empires offering of The Sound of Music.

The Liverpool Empire was literally alive with the Sound of Music last Thursday night as Connie Fisher took to the stage and belted out some of the most famous tunes to have touch our lugs. Classic sing-a-longs such as Do a Dear, Favourite Things and of course, the song from which the show bares it’s name, The Sound of Music.
You could easily see why Connie went on to win her role on the famous BBC show – her voice is flawless, her likeness to Julie Andrews is uncanny and her wit and charm was a brilliant surprise.

Connie is slightly unconventional as far as leading ladies go, but her wide-eye smile and impeccable singing voice meant she rightly received a standing ovation at the end of the night – the only cast member to do so.

Not that the other cast members weren’t equally as good – Captain Von Trapp had the balance of being serious and soft at the same time. The Von Trapp children were perfectly in time with one another, had the dance routines down to an art and no one could take their eyes off Gretel; who was all of two foot tall yet had the confidence to sing the solo section of ‘Song Long’

Overall the show was a mixture of humour, tension and sadness (yes, I’ll admit I did shed a tear or two). My guest for the night had previously seen the show in the West End, his verdict? This show had a much better set, better singing and most of all it had Connie Fisher.

Not many people could fit into the shoes of Julie Andrews, but I doubt anyone else will come closer.