Wella Trends for 2013

Wella Trends for 2013

 With four Voodou stylists holders of the prestigious Wella Colour Master Award, and Wella’s products used in the salons, we are always excited when their new seasonal trends are released!

New for 2013 Wella’s Trendvision shows off personality,  as it presents aesthetically pleasing richness in colour, with styles that will spark passion and energy into anyone’s look.

In the words of Wella, “it’s music to your eyes”. Let colour control the sound you want to make. 


 Allegra oozes opulence and wealth in this high-reaching up do (called the “Faberge egg”) that boasts glory and  screams “diva” in the most elitist way possible.  

As Eugene, who styled the hair for these trends, says  “the hair itself becomes an accessory” as he has delicately “embellished hair with hair” with plaits adding intricate detail to Allegra.

The woman who would wear this look would be flamboyant and self-admiring,  as this  haute  glamour allows her to express new found confidence
that, physically, reaches high peaks.  
























Echo does not hold back emotion or expression; nothing can silence the spirit of creativity and this noisy trend threatens to deafen anything in its way.

The dense green blacks,  purple blacks, and ash with chalk white break through the pits of darkness , which is the energetic result of tension between romance and turmoil. 

Echo encourages us to fight the silence through the vibes that colour creates.




















Fusion is Wella’s interpretation of “East meets West”, where Asian experimental spirit is harmoniously fused  with Western high culture. 

 The unique choices of colour mix “faded pastel colour with bright strong tones” is cleverly placed to highlight a gradual movement from one tone to another. 



















Decibel is achieved by multi-coloured feathers from birds of paradise and neon light nirvana.

This vibrant and loud colour-clashing creation  is inspired by 70s Glam, radiating the rock-chick within.

The hair colours, which consist of a “wild mix” of Wella’s petrol, aubergine, turquoise and rich browns, remind us of the rebellious and anarchic punk culture of the time.  












If you feel inspired by any of these trends why not give our stylists at our Liverpool hairdressers a ring and book yourself in for a new look? The salon number is 0844 445 7889.