Role in the salon –Receptionist

Favourite place – America an somewhere hot

Favourite Ladies Hairstyle – Khloe kardashian love her hair!!

Inspired by – My mum, family and friends!

Favourite look: Loving the hippy kinda look these days! And just normal causal wear!

Favourite product: My fav product is elements! Love everything about it, AMAZING!

Celeb inspiration: love the kardashians/Jenners love there look and style, there just amazing! Xxx

Heidi @ Work

  • In love with this from today before and after! Few
  • Looking after a curly blow with VoodouHeidi xvoodouheidi Going out
  • voodouliverpool voodouheidi
  • C L I E N T S E L F
  • Ice blonde by VoodouHeidi xvoodouheidi  Visit our website to
  • Before  after by VoodouHeidi xnatalieobrien Book online at voodoucouk
  • Red hair dont care   Done by xvoodouheidi Colour
  • Flash of colour by VoodouHeidi xvoodouheidi at Button Street
  • Another stunning make over by our stylist xvoodouheidi  50
  • A lighter look from VoodouHeidi xvoodouheidi at Button Street
  • Beautiful colour by VoodouHeidi xvoodouheidi  Tap the link in
  • Flash of blue by VoodouHeidi xvoodouheidi at our Button St