Blonde is a Journey: How to get from Black to Blonde Hair Safely

Hair Colour at Voodou Liverpool: The Journey from Black to Blonde Hair 

Your hair colour can completely transform your look, and it can take a long time to decide exactly which hair colour you want. It’s a big decision, and that’s why you should invest in your hair colour, because if it all goes wrong, the damage can be detrimental to your hair. We hear of hair horror stories all the time, with household bleach, green hair instead of blonde and ends snapping off left, right and centre. This is why it is so important to leave your hair colour to the professionals, especially if you’re undergoing a big hair colour transformation. One of the biggest hair transformations you can make is going from black to blonde, and if not done properly, this can be a risky process. You might want bright blonde hair within two hours, but usually, there’s no way to do that safely. At Voodou, we think it’s about compromise, not compromised hair. That’s why we’re showing you the journey from black to blonde hair.

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Why Professional Hair Colour is Better than Box Hair Colour

With box dyes available in more colours than ever for just a couple of quid in the shops, box dyes can be tempting, but they’re not worth the damage they can do to your hair. Box hair colour is not designed to work for everyone, meaning the end result can be completely different to what it says on the box. Who wants to run that risk? Your hair colour should be completely unique to you, depending on your skin tone, eye colour, natural undertones and face shape. Learn more about how hair contouring works for more information. 

Hair colouring is an art form. If you’re not familiar with all the hair colouring techniques such as balayage, which is a complicated and intricate process, the sun-kissed, natural looking hair colour you were aiming for can come out as a bright band of colour. The hairstylists at Voodou are the best hairdressers in Liverpool, with expert training and qualifications in hair colour, so leave this one to the experts to get a professional looking hair colour. 

Box hair colour can damage your hair. The ingredients in some box colours aren’t always that great for your hair, and can leave hair feeling and looking dry and damaged. If you get your hair colour done in salon, your stylist will make sure your hair is healthy throughout the process, as at Voodou Liverpool salons, healthy hair comes first. 

brunette to dark blonde hair colour transformation

How Long Does it Take to Get from Black to Blonde? Voodou Liverpool Salons Explain

Nine times out of ten, you can’t go from black to blonde in the space of a couple of hours, unless you want all your hair to fall out. With new technology such as Redken pH bonder available at Voodou, the damage done in the hair colouring process is minimised, but it still takes time to colour hair safely. Subtle hair colour changes, such as brunette to a dark blonde or blonde balayage don’t usually take too long, but a dramatic change such as black to blonde can sometimes take more than one appointment. To go from black to blonde safely, your hairstylist may suggest going brunette or copper first, then eventually going lighter to blonde.

It may be a longer journey to blonde than you might have hoped, but as we said, it’s about compromise, so your hair isn’t compromised. In the end, it will all be worth it when you have strong, healthy, shiny blonde hair. Of course, exactly how long it takes to go from black to blonde hair depends on each person, so to be sure, speak to one of the hair colour experts at Voodou Liverpool salons during a free hair colour consultation.

Redken pH bonder, Redken products at Voodou Liverpool hairdressers

How to Keep Hair Healthy when Colouring with Redken pH bonder

At Voodou hairdressers in Liverpool, we swear by Redken pH bonder for keeping hair healthy when colouring. Redken pH bonder is designed to protect the bonds in your hair, making sure they aren’t broken down during the hair colouring process. Watch our video review of Redken pH bonder to find out why we recommend Redken pH bonder to every colour client in our Liverpool hair salons.

Free Hair Consultations at Voodou Liverpool Hairdressers

Because we take hair colour so seriously at Voodou Liverpool hairdressers, we always recommend booking in for a free hair colour consultation with one of our hair colour specialists, especially if you are undergoing a big hair colour transformation or this is your first time colouring your hair, in general or professionally. You can pop into your nearest hairdressers for your free, no obligation 15 minute consultation or book online or on the phone, on 0151 708 4017.

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