2018 Hair Trends: Sunset Hair Colour

Sunset Hair Colour Trends at Voodou Liverpool Hair Salons

At our hair colour specialist hair salon in Liverpool city centre, we're known for being on top of the latest hair trends, and one of the biggest hair trends of 2017 is sunset hair colour. With sunset hair there's tonnes of hair ideas, from a pink/purple 'Caribbean sunset', Instagram favourite red-orange-yellow or a new hair colouring technique we like to call reverse sunset hair colour.

Sunset Ombre Hair Colour at Voodou Hair Salon in Liverpool

This pink and purple ombre sunset hair colour is by our very own Voodou artist #VoodouMegan, based at our hair colour specialist hairdressers in Liverpool city centre. Pink hair has been a major hair colour trend for a while now, and with the help of Redken city beat hair colours available in our Liverpool hair salons, pink hair can be more vibrant than ever

Or, you might consider the classic sunset colours of reds, oranges and yellows.  Sunset red and orange hair colour is a modern twist on the red hair trend of the past few years, upgrading your look from bold to bold and beautiful. No matter what sunset hair colour combination you choose, the team at Voodou hair salons in Liverpool will be able to create a hair colour that is completely unique to you. 

How to Get Sunset Hair Dye with Voodou Hairdressers in Liverpool

With so many hair colouring techniques at Voodou hairdressers in Liverpool, there are thousands of looks to be created, but to achieve sunset hair, our 'paintbox' option may well be best for you. This involves using a mix of different fashion hair colours from the Redken city beats range to create a new take on the rainbow hair trend. To see how it's done, watch our video on how to get sunset hair dye with Voodou Megan.

redken city beats custom dyed rainbow sunset hair extensions at voodou liverpool hair salons


Or, if you want a slice of the sunset hair trend but don't want to commit to the look, why not try custom coloured clip-in hair extensions? We use the same high quality hair colours from Redken on our 100% human hair extensions to give you a bold look for you to wear whenever you choose - perfect for festival season! Read more about festival hair with clip-in extensions here.






How to Maintain Sunset Hair Colour at Voodou Liverpool Hairdressers

The key to nailing the sunset hair trend is vibrancy, and the best hairdressers in Liverpool are on hand to recommend the best shampoo and conditioner for maintaining hair colour. Voodou is Redken's flagship salon in Liverpool and we're proud to be home to the best hair care brand for coloured hair. When you speak to your stylist at Voodou Liverpool hairdressers, they will be able to recommend the perfect hair care routine for you, but you might want to try out the Redken colour magnetics range, a classic for keeping hair colour fresher for longer. You can also ask about Redken pH bonder, an important step in your hair colouring routine which keeps your hair strong and healthy during the hair colouring process, which helps to keep your hair looking like a walking sunset for even longer. If you'd like to know more about the hair products available at Voodou hair salons in Liverpool, just pop in next time you're passing by!

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